Victorious (Touch)

Victorious Touch Screenshot

The Victorious Touch slot from NetEnt is the companies attempt at a Roman themed game. The slot isn’t the most popular from NetEnt, but still tells a pretty decent story with a host of characters involved.

One of the main features of the game is the inclusion of a fantastic 243 paylines. This 5 reel slot may look pretty standard from the outside, but the inclusion of features such as this inflated number of paylines, certainly make it a strong candidate for a more innovative mobile slot.


The basic theme is based around the Roman era, with images of Caesar, Romans, wreaths and centurions all on offer. Rather than a story line being behind this slot, the game follows much more of a general theme, with the emphasis, obviously on the Romans.

Whilst graphically this slot isn’t terrible, but it’s probably one of few on the NetEnt mobile network that really lack the wow factor. Even once you get into the bonus and free spins, the game never really feels as if you playing a next generation of slots. That being said, it’s far from drab, just a little unimaginative.


Standout feature for this slot has to be the inclusion of a massive number of paylines – having 243 of them definitely increases the amount of opportunities you have of winning on Victorious Touch slot, but then it can dilute the overall payday somewhat with a maximum of just 15,000 coins on offer if you take down the jackpot.

The game comes to life within the free spins section of which you will need to hit three or more of the laurel wreath scatter symbols to activate. The number of laurel wreaths you hit will result in the amount of free spins you get and in turn, the multiplier in which you can receive. 3 wreaths will equate to 15 free spins with a 5x multiplier. 4 wreaths will give you 20 free spins and a 20x multiplier whilst 5 wreaths will provide an incredible 25 free spins and multiplier of 50x.

Whilst the Victorious Touch slot probably won’t be winning many awards in terms of design, they have sneakily added in a fantastic bonus game, along with a multiplier and free spin bonus that will rival any of the bigger mobile slots. One downside to the slot is the fact that you need to collect the scatter symbols – laurel wreaths – all in one line, rather than across a number of paylines. This makes hitting the bonus round a lot tougher, but the inclusion of the wild symbols towards the bonus rounds do help and in turn increase the likelihood of hitting that amount.