Ukash launched in 2005 into the crowded electronic payment industry with a unique selling point. Ukash is eMoney that can be used to deposit into most mobile casinos. You can purchase Ukash voucher codes at over 400,000 retail outlets in 55 countries.

Bettors can purchase Ukash vouchers from PayPoint, PayZone, banks, convenience stores, gas stations and online. Ukash has its main office in the UK, but since launching the company has moved into numerous markets including most of Europe and Canada.

How to Use Ukash to Deposit to a Mobile Casino

ukashUkash ( has turned into one of the most convenient casino deposit methods and one of the most secure. To begin using Ukash a bettor has to visit the nearest retail outlet that sells Ukash voucher codes (19 Digits) and purchase a voucher with cash.

A person is allowed to purchase up to five £200 Ukash vouchers daily and can manage up to £1000 Ukash in their account. The smallest Ukash voucher is £5 and the largest is £499, but keep in mind you can’t have more than £1000 Ukash in your account.

When you buy the Ukash voucher make sure that you request an adult voucher (18+ – Need ID). The adult voucher will allow you to fund your mobile casino account instantly. Simply enter the 19 digit voucher code to deposit the funds into the casino.

If you don’t deposit the entire voucher a new code will be generated that you get to keep. If you have numerous small vouchers you can combine them into one voucher through the “Manage My Account” section on the Ukash website once registered.

There are very limited fees when using Ukash as well, which is one of the reasons why people love this service. There is a small fee charged by the merchants that sell Ukash voucher codes, but Ukash and the mobile casinos won’t charge a fee to deposit.

Ukash is available in multiple currencies and most mobile casinos accept a variety of currencies. If you have a Ukash voucher in $USD, but you want to deposit £GBP into the casino then you can convert the currency of your voucher for free at Ukash.

Most mobile casinos with process withdrawals through cheque or bank wire if you use Ukash as the deposit method. Recently some casinos have started to offer Ukash withdrawals, but keep in mind you’d have to use the voucher to make a purchase.