Microgaming are one of the biggest casino software providers in the world. The company has been about for over 20 years now and over that time have seen some pretty large changes. The biggest in their existence has probably been the transaction into mobile casino games. It’s been a feature that the company have been plugging for almost a decade now, but the games that are on offer have always been some of the best in the industry.

An area that Microgaming have always been keen to address in the mobile sector is that of usability. As you will know, there are dozens of different platforms that mobiles are based on with hundreds of handsets to choose from, making it tough for developers to have a product that suits each. But, what Microgaming has done is set out to offer a product that uses a mixture of both HTML5 and Java to create products that will be native to each platform. In fact, the company claim that their software is available to play on over 3,000 handsets, which is a hugely impressive number.

The design process means that one platform can be used for each screen size or resolution. The process is known as ‘responsive’ in the industry, which basically means that the mobile casino will adapt to the resolution that the mobile screen provides.

Mobile Casino Games

The range of games that are already on mobile devices for Microgaming is pretty staggering. Their online casino offers up over 750 games to choose from, with 225+ being available on mobile devices. As more games get released and older titles get converted to mobile, this number will just continue to rise.

It’s worth noting that Microgaming claim the only reason that this number isn’t higher at the minute is simply because demand for the other games is not all that high. So, from the 750 or so games available from their online portfolio, only around half get any serious traffic, so the time spent on converting games that aren’t all that popular to mobile, becomes pointless.

The mobile catalogue includes some of their biggest titles such as Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight Rises (& 2), Playboy, Thunderstruck and Hellboy, to name but a few. Graphically the games look fantastic. It’s often tough for developers to really bring out the best features when converting games to mobile devices, but we are pretty confident that these are going to be about as good as you can get in the industry.

About Microgaming

Microgaming were actually one of the very first online casinos in the world. Back in 1994, the company were focussed on producing online casino games, but ultimately using them for their services from their in-house online casino.

Since then they have changed paths somewhat in that they don’t actually provide an online casino of their own any more, but instead put all of their time and resources in producing some of the best games in the industry.

It was 10 years after the companies initial launch before they really started to take mobile gaming more seriously. The mobile industry was definitely something that hadn’t really taken off yet in the casino industry, but Microgaming were already working hard on producing what’s turned out to be the future of online gaming.

Whilst the mobile sector hasn’t reached it’s potential just yet, we are looking forward to see what kind of options companies such as Microgaming are going to offer us over the next year or so. The company state that their time is almost split between making online games and mobile games, so we can expect the number of games (currently 225) to continue to increase, along with usability, design and features.