Playtech are another stalwart in the online casino industry. They’ve been about since 1999 and were the software providers for the first land-based casino to open its doors online. During this period they have gone on to work with some of the biggest online casinos in the world that include bet365, Betfair, William Hill Paddy Power and Sky.

They were actually pretty late to the party when it comes to first integrating mobile technology. It wasn’t until 2012 where the company released products to the mobile sector and in turn, the development of the Playtech Mobile HUB. The HUB has been designed to allow casino providers choose from a number of casino products and also keep all of their mobile work under one roof.

Playtech offer one of the most intriguing aspects that we’ve come across from a mobile casino software provider in that they have made all of their 500+ casino games available to mobile users. They have cleverly made their online games software so that when they are accessed via a mobile device, they automatically re-size and reconfigure into a version that is much more suited to a mobile device. It really is a brilliant idea and something that very few software providers actually offer. Essentially the programs are designed using a native HTML5 design and coded into the original design is something that detects mobile devices.

It’s funny because, over the last twelve months or so there have been an influx in casinos looking to incorporate Playtech technology and this is likely one of the major reasoning’s behind that decision.

Mobile Casino Games

As we’ve mentioned, on your mobile device you will get access to the full portfolio of games from Playtech. This means that you could be looking at as many as 500 games to choose from, ranging from video slots to table games, and everything in between. Obviously, what you will have to note is whether the casino includes all 500+ games, but they are on offer.

Slots are an area where, like most mobile casinos, Playtech seem to like to concentrate on. They make up about 80% of the total portfolio, which isn’t uncommon. What we liked were the addition of branded slots from companies such as Marvel, MGM, NBC, Universal and HBO. In fact, we would go as far as saying as Playtech have the best range of branded slots in the industry!

A cool feature from Playtech is that they are always adding to their portfolio of games. They try and release a minimum of 50 games a year, which isn’t a huge amount, working out at less than 1 a week, but the games that are generally released are often of a really high quality, which is definitely better than someone just churning out game after game, most of which being rubbish.

About Playtech

Playtech was first established in Estonia in 1999. The company have come a long way in a fairly short period of time and are now the largest supplier of online gaming software in the world.

Whilst casino plays a big part in what Playtech do, they are much more than just a casino developer. They have several ties to poker, sportsbook, bingo and of course, mobile gaming.

One thing that we like to do is look at how companies are going to progress in the mobile sector. The unique thing about Playtech is that they are pretty far ahead of most companies in that they already offer over 500 casino games to choose from, all of which are very well designed and well received, for the most part. The code in which the games have been designed means that any online game is released will immediately be available to mobile users as well, making over 50 new titles a year.