10bet probably aren’t the first company you think of when it comes to sports betting. They are pretty much small fry when it comes to the betting industry, but for those of you that don’t know, they managed to formulate themselves quite the little sportsbook. Whilst its often tough for newer entities to break into the mobile betting world, 10Bet have given it their best shot and we are excited to see how well their mobile platform compares with some of the bigger players in the industry. If we’ve only learnt one thing from 10Bet, it’s that they don’t go down without a fight, so we are expecting something special from these guys!


The design of the 10bet mobile sportsbook certainly isn’t the best we have come across, but it’s not bad, by any means. They throw you straight into their live betting section where you can check the markets that are currently in-play. It looks a little dated to be honest and whilst functional, fails to really grab the imagination that their online bookmaker has.

We’d say the best way to describe their odds system is ‘fair’. They aren’t the most competitive when it comes to pricing and rarely have been in a situation where we’ve flocked over to 10bet in an attempt to get better odds. That being said, if you were looking for a home then this mobile site would provide with a reasonable range pricing wise.

The do offer a really good range of sports to bet on. What really drew us to 10bet to start with is the fact that they were keen to promote US based sports. We know a lot of bookmakers already do this, but we found that these guys just had a little more depth with these types of markets. Football and tennis are the two other sports that get a lot of coverage from the site.

We’ve already touched on live betting, but’s it’s a section in which 10Bet really tries hard to promote. The markets on there are good, by again not great, which pretty much sums up the mobile sportsbook to be honest.


For a long time, Betfair used to be the biggest sports betting exchange in the world. But, over the years the company have grown into much more than just a betting exchange. They offer pretty much all there is to offer in the gambling industry and now are not only one of the biggest sportsbooks, but they are one of the biggest companies, period. Their site has been at the forefront of innovation and there’s been nothing that they haven’t done. Often when a company such as Betfair turn their hands to something, it tends to work. But for the purpose of this review we will be looking to see if that trend has continued with one of the more recent additions in their mobile sportsbook.


The mobile site has that typical look and feel to it that we’ve come to expect from Betfair. It’s just modern looking and it has a certain something about it that other mobile sites just don’t have (vague, we know, but true!). It’s instantly recognisable as a Betfair product and we loved the fact that it wants to take you straight into the action with two banners shovelling their latest promotions down your neck.

The price rush feature is something that is actually fairly new to their app, but what a little gizmo it is. It actually automatically compares the odds you have taken from their fixed odds sportsbook on their app before comparing that to the exchange prices that are currently running. If Betfair think you will get better odds from their exchange then they will automatically boost the price that you took to compensate that. This isn’t available on all markets, so you need to make sure you check out the price rush section.

Betfair have always been competitive with the odds they have on offer. For a long time the only place to bet was their exchange, due to the fact it blew all other bookmakers out of the water, but now the bookmakers are much more in-line with these prices and their fixed odds portal definitely feels as though it’s as good as you are going to find.

As a final point about their mobile site, we loved that fact that it integrated into their other mobile gambling outlets such as their exchange, casino, arcade and pools. You can literally hop about seamlessly between each, making it an absolute pleasure to use.


Betfred have always been the bonus kings for us. They’re the company who seem to always go out of their way to provide interesting and new offers to keep both new and existing customers entertained. Whilst the design of their online site leaves a little to be desired, they have recently ventured out into the world of mobile sports betting. The company are definitely one who ploughs a huge amount of their resources into football betting. In fact, we might go as far as saying that if we were betting on any other sport, we’d probably look elsewhere. Having said that, they’ve been working hard to try and become a more ‘complete’ sportsbook and one of the ways in which they are progressing with this is the release of their mobile sportsbook.


What you will find with the Betfred mobile site is that the design is very different from their online site. It’s much more modern and simplistic, and just generally looks a whole lot better. They’ve taken a different approach to many in that the homepage is actually full of what they call ‘betting highlights’ which is essentially a kind of blog format showing you the best features and bets at that time. If you want to dig deeper and get into the betting section then all you need to do is click any of the quick links at the top of the page and you are away.

Their pricing is generally more than fair and we’ve come across some really competitive lines from the app. One thing we will say is that very few bookmakers offer up enhanced odds as often as Betfred. These guys will often do so propelling them into being the best-priced bookmaker in the industry for that market.

Their coverage has always really been about the football side of things and honestly, if you are looking outside of football and for more niche markets of lesser sports, then you might be disappointed. Having said that, we love the inclusion of lists such as Goals Galore, Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven as keeps markets like these feeling fresh. Live betting can also be accessed from their mobile site, but again, includes a big biased towards football.


BetVictor have probably been the bookmaker that’s seen the most improvement over the last five years or so. They’ve always been good, but now they’re at a point where they are really good! The site has evolved since the early days of Victor Chandler and now they are promoting their latest product in their mobile sportsbook. Throughout this review we will be looking to see how well their mobile sportsbook performs, but also if they have taken what’s been so good about their bookmaker over the last 5 years, and integrated that into their mobile outlet.


As you’d come to expect from BetVictor, the mobile site looks pretty damn great. It’s probably not as flash as some in the industry, but they’ve never been one for bold colours or in your face graphics, instead just opting for a design that’s clean and will work. One little feature that we did enjoy was having the bet slip always apart at the top of the screen. Often mobile sportsbooks neglect little thing such as this, but it really helps, especially if you are trying to form an accumulator of some sorts.

Their pricing has probably been the company’s standout feature over the years. The odds they provide are just so competitive and probably more often than any other bookmaker, are best priced. In fact, Oddschecker.com have actually voted BetVictor the best-priced bookmaker for football betting the last four years in a row. If this isn’t a reason to use a bookmaker then we don’t know what is.

Market coverage is right up there as well, with absolutely no complaints. They dedicate a lot of their time to both football and horse racing, but that’s understandable being a UK facing mobile sportsbook. Don’t however think that others sports get neglected, because they don’t, but the demand for these aren’t as apparent as they are for the other two.

Live betting has made a seamless transition across to the mobile site as well and you even get taken into a bit of re-design area that is optimised for live betting. They still don’t have live streaming, which is probably the only downside that we have for BetVictor.


Betway are quickly becoming one of the most talked about betting sites in the industry. They have made huge strides in a relatively short space of time and whilst they aren’t up there challenging with the big boys just yet, they are certainly heading in the right direction. One of the latest innovations has been that of their mobile sportsbooks. For the purpose of this review we will be looking at how well this mobile outlet preforms and to see if it lives up the high standards that the company have set themselves over this short period of time.


Their mobile site has a laid back feel about it and rather than jamming a load of information or promotions in your face from the minute you land on it, it instead allows you to navigate you to the sport or market that you are looking to bet on. Whilst this is generally a good thing in that it allows you to just get on with things, its sometimes nice to have a little inspiration from the app of potential markets to bet on, which this, unfortunately lacks.

One of the bases to Betway’s short success has been their market coverage and we were delighted to see an almost carbon copy of sports and markets to bet on that were available from their online platform. You get around 30 or so sports to pick form and whilst some have better market coverage than others, we always found a reasonable amount of depth coming from each sport.

Their in-paly section on the mobile site works really well and we were pleased to see that they have incorporated a mini match-live section to keep track of the score and highlights from that game. There is still no inclusion of live streaming, which we didn’t expect really but the mobile site never feels as though this lacking, considering what is on offer.


Over the last decade or so, Coral have managed to propel themselves from being one of Irelands best bookmakers to one of the best bookmakers in the world. In the sports betting industry, competition is high so this sort of praise isn’t lightly awarded. One of the ways in which they’ve kept the site feeling fresh is by offering their customers exciting new products. One of their latest innovations has come in the form of the mobile betting platform and in this review we will be looking to see how well their mobile sportsbooks fairs up against the competition.


The first thing that we will say about the mobile site is that it looks fantastic. Coral have actually undergone a bit of a makeover in the last 12 months, with the mobile site being no exception. Everything seems to have its own place within the app and it’s definitely one that you will be happy to return to.

One of the ways in which Coral have attracted customers in the past is by providing a really solid pricing strategy. The odds that you get for the majority of markets are really solid. Whilst we wont go as far as suggesting that they are best priced on every sport or market within the betting industry, the site is often never too far away from being a solid pick. Their affixation with horse racing is an area they’ve worked hard on previously and we’ve found these types of markets to be best value.

You don’t get to be one of the best mobile bookmakers in the world by producing a sub-standard range of markets. What the mobile site does well is incorporate pretty much every single market from their online site, offering a massive range. It’s easy to access each sports market as well, simply by clicking the ‘A-Z’ button at the top of the screen.

Live betting is another section that has been carried across to their mobile site and there’s always something to bet on. What we loved about the mobile site, and probably our favourite feature, is that they have incorporated live streaming into the live betting markets, adding a huge amount of depth for the bookmaker.


Ladbrokes are one of the oldest and most synonymous brands in the sports betting industry. They have been around for what feels like forever, but with that comes an absolute wealth of knowledge of how to maintain (and thrive) in one of the more competitive gambling environments. Sometimes we look at sportsbooks that have been around for ages and see that they can stagnate and rest on previous laurels. We are pleased to say that Ladbrokes aren’t that sportsbook. In 2014 the site underwent a complete re-design and they soon shifted from one of the more dated sites into one of the most modern. With that came the release of their mobile sportsbook, which is what we will be looking at today.


The design of the Ladbrokes mobile sportsbook is one that we like, although we have heard it divides opinion amongst some users. There’s a lot of text on screen with very graphics, but we think that this makes it much more suited to the mobile format. You can keep it light by flicking through markets on the homepage or go much deeper by clicking the menu button in the top left hand corner of the screen and diving into their other sports and markets.

In terms of odds, we’ve always found Ladbrokes to be pretty solid, without ever being up there with your bet365’s or your Betvictor’s. They certainly aren’t going to rip you off but you cant help but feel that you’re likely going to be getting slightly better odds elsewhere, for the most part at least.

Market coverage is excellent though and they really do compete with the best when it comes to this feature. Ladbrokes have always liked to associate themselves with sports that possibly aren’t as mainstream as your footballs and horse racings. The likes of snooker and darts, two sports that Ladbrokes actually sponsor, are good examples of providing some of the best coverage in the industry.

Live betting can be accessed from the mobile site as well, which adds a good range of depth, although the coverage isn’t all that fantastic.


Totesport, or the Tote as they were affectionately known as, is one of the UK’s oldest bookmakers. In fact, some claim them to be the oldest, but there are conflicting stories behind that. Anyway, they have since adapted from their strong horse racing roots into providing much more in-depth sportsbook site. It’s fair to say that their online site has hardly been a smash hit in the industry, in fact, a lot of people are still surprised to this day that they aren’t simply known as ‘The Tote’. But that’s irrelevant, as today we will be looking at one of their latest features in their mobile sportsbook to see if it can drag this relic of a company into the 21st century and beyond.


The first thing that really grabbed us on the ToteSport mobile site is just how good it looked. It wasn’t really what we were expecting but the design is super modern, with the black and electric green colours contrasting beautifully on screen. The homepage, unlike some, doesn’t throw you straight into a load of markets that you don’t care about either, instead they offer you some articles which you may find interesting about upcoming events along with a load of promotions that will be relevant to you as a mobile user.

Pricing ha always been solid with Totesport, even from the very early days of betting, and we were pleased to see that they are still very competitive. We often use oddschecker.com to find out which bookmakers are offering what prices, and time after time, Totesport were there or thereabouts.

What you’ll find from Totesport is that their bread and butter of horse racing betting is still very much at the forefront of their mobile site. They cover an absolute ton of races from meeting around the world and it’s just so easy to navigate between them. The racecard’s were simple to use and it again fitted in really nicely with the design of the mobile site.