Paypal was founded in 1998 and has been a pioneer in the online payment processing industry. In 2012 Paypal reported $5.6B in revenues. Customers in over 150+ countries use Paypal to send money online to merchants, family or friends instantly.

The only downside about Paypal is that most countries can’t use the electronic wallet (e-wallet) for online gambling. If you live in the UK or certain European countries than you can use Paypal to make secure and quick deposits to most mobile casinos.

How to Use Paypal to Deposit to a Mobile Casino

paypalPaypal ( is used by millions of people around the world to send money quickly over the internet. The first step to using Paypal is opening an account by visiting the Paypal website. After opening an account you have to fund your Paypal account.

There are two options when it comes to funding your account (Credit or Debit Card). You can set-up your bank account to your account at Paypal and every time you want to deposit funds it will take the funds from your bank and put them on your account.

It’s free to add funds from your bank account to Paypal, but it can take up to a week to process. If you want to play in the casino right away then your best bet is to fund your Paypal account instantly using a credit card although there is a small fee.

Now that you have money on your Paypal account you can send it to any merchant you want. Depositing into a mobile casino is as easy as visiting the casino’s cashier and clicking on the Paypal link to sign-in to your account and complete the transfer.

Paypal doesn’t a charge a fee when sending money to an online casino, but there is a small fee when you withdraw money from a mobile casino to your Paypal account. However, the convenience and security factor of using Paypal far outweighs the fee.

One benefit of using Paypal is that they’ll send money straight into your bank account (3-5 Days) for a low fee. This means you never have to worry about waiting for a cheque in the mail that could takes weeks to receive or ends up getting lost.

Paypal can also be used everywhere online, so you can use your winnings towards other purchases easily. Paypal is definitely the most convenient e-wallet in the industry to use, but when it comes to gambling they’re stricter and restrict most countries.

If you can use Paypal then we highly recommend it because it’s more secure and in most cases much cheaper. By using Paypal to fund your mobile casino account you don’t need to worry about giving your credit/debit details out to any gambling companies.