NetEnt Touch is essentially NetEnt’s mobile casino. The ‘Touch’ was added to signify games that are available for mobile and those that are available for online. The company has been in operation since 1996 making them one of the industries oldest and most established software providers.

But, one of the most intriguing things about NetEnt is that NetEnt Touch wasn’t actually launched until 2011, which, if you compare this to Microgaming initial launch in 2004 of their mobile product, is a lot later than most would have expected. Unfortunately the software still has a few limitations with it as well. At the minute it’s only available to Android and Apple devices and whilst this will make up the majority of mobile casino users, there is still a big void with users of Blackberry, Windows and Nokia devices.

Whilst the range of platforms is limited, what NetEnt Touch has produced is some of the best looking games on the market. We will discuss more about what’s on offer in the next section, but the design process has clearly been something that NetEnt have been working on. Throughout their time it often didn’t take too long to spot a game that NetEnt had designed, especially from their online portfolio. Not only did games look amazing, but they followed a theme, often with a strong story-line to accompany that theme. The mobile games have continued that tradition and whilst they don’t have a huge portfolio, the games that are there do look amazing!

Mobile Casino Games

You’ve got a round 30 games altogether from NetEnt which isn’t much over 10% of their total portfolio. It’s actually a pretty poor number to be honest and whilst they were late (ish) getting into the mobile casino sector, over the four years since the time of writing of this article, to only have produced 30 games seems a little on the low side to use. Especially when you compare this to Microgamings catalogue of over 220 mobile casino games!

The games are broken down into two sections; video slots and table games. Of the 30 games, four of those are table games and include blackjack, roulette, blackjack classic and blackjack single deck. Variety is a little low, but if you’re looking for blackjack then you’re in the right place. Again though, we can’t help but praise how well the games look and perform on our mobile device.

In terms of slots you get a choice of some of their bigger in-house games such as Magic Portals, Fruit Shop, Reel Rush, Jack Hammer and Starburst, to name a few. You’ve got some licensed games in there as well such as Frankenstein and probably one of our most favourite slots of all time, South Park.

About NetEnt

The company has been around since 1996 and since then have gone on to be one of the best when it comes to online casino games. They’ve never been anything but developers, which have meant that they’ve ben able to put all their eggs into making the best products available.

Whilst they aren’t the biggest developer in the industry, they always seem to release engaging games, with design being at the top of their agenda. We’ve seen this philosophy carry over into the mobile industry as well with some of the most aesthetically pleasing mobile games in the industry.

The company have been slow to really grasp mobile gambling and it’s unusual to see that over the last four years they’ve only released 30 titles, especially when you consider how good their online catalogue is. It’s hard to really say how far the company is going to run with their mobile sector, but we would have thought that the industry is going to force their hands somewhat. Lots of online casinos like to offer a deep range of games and as mobile gambling continues to increase, it should force NetEnt to produce even more high quality games than they already have on offer.