Pentagram Screenshot

For its mobile slots game Pentagram Realistic returns again to the classic games of chance of yore and delivers an injection of pizazz from the magic of the five-lined star known as a pentagram.

This is a three-reel mobile slots game with payouts on five lines. There is no progressive jackpot to aim at. When the all-powerful occult symbol arrives on the scene it is here to grant free spins.


The idea of Pentagram is to allow the player the power to take the magical star right out onto the casino floor. The reels are set into a classically–inspired stone building framed by fluted columns. The building is plopped down on standard-issue busy and ugly casino carpet. Like real casino carpets their mission is to not distract you from your goal of seeking riches on the exciting games in your midst. So in Pentagram, with its crisp and colorful graphics, you will never have to worry about cleaning that dirt-concealing fabric, just like the real casinos.


Seasoned players will slide quickly into play after the “Start” button is pushed. Arrow buttons increase and decrease the amount of your stake. An Autoplay function allows you to rest your fingers and it can be cancelled at any time with the “Stop Auto” button. Comfortable stuff here on the cleanly presented control panel.

When you base your slots game on what is essentially a geometric symbol your choice of relevant accompanying symbols can be quite limiting. So in addition to the all powerful Star symbol Pentagram teams up actual words: “PENT” and “GRAM.” When they all show up on the same payline to spell the name of the game you are in business.

Pressing the Pentagram button unfurls 10 free spins. Anytime the magic Star returns on the middle reel the amount won in bonus mode doubles up to a maximum of 250X. If you reach that lofty total before you have used all 10 spins the remaining bonus spins are lost. A trade-off any Pentagram player would gladly make.

Beyond the Star the rest of the symbols are the menu of the typical fruit machine – cherries, lemons, oranges, melons and 7s. In the end it is the mystical pentagram that makes this classic mobile slots game magical.