Randall’s Riches

randalls riches screenshot

Dove Randall is Realistic Games’ mascot and apparently he has a gold mine that has not had all the paperwork filed with the Bureau of Land Management in the American West because dentally gifted prospector Able and his equally toothy donkey Mable are after it. This good-natured duo couldn’t be claim jumpers could they? That is the premise behind the mobile slots game Randall’s Riches.

This is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot with no progressive jackpot. Bu there is enough gold hidden in that mine to increase your stake 10,000 fold.


Able and Mable have come well-equipped for their hunt. The bewhiskered prospector is provisioned with a tin of beans which he apparently uses those oversized choppers to open, a Colt .45 peacemaker pistol with bullets, a shaving kit and a horseshoe positioned proper side up so the luck does not drain from it. Other characters include a suspiciously happy diamondback rattlesnake who watches over all the action of the hunt and possesses a set of impressively prominent fangs himself. The adventure is presented in a cartoony manner and is kicked off by an old-time title card from a one-reel Hollywood Western typical of the glory days of the cinema. A piano from an Old West saloon plays in time with the action and a win elicits a knee-slapping, foot-stomping hoe down.


Randall’s Riches is a mobile slots game of bonus rounds and multipliers but no free spins so there is a compact storyline. Able and Mable and their bevy of equipment play the parts of minor paying symbols, except for the TNT and the Pick Axe which each trigger a bonus round. The Randall’s Riches symbol is Wild and substitutes for all other scoring symbols. When a golden version of any symbol appears you earn a multiplier up to 10X for five gold symbols, a single occurrence earns 2X.

The Pick Axe Bonus Round begins when three or more Pick Axes are required for the job. Select an axe and it will crack an ore-laden rock and reveal a prize.

The Randall’s Riches Bonus Round is where Able and Mable get down to serious business. It takes three TNT symbols on Reels 1, 2 and 3 to get started. Choose the bundle of explosives you want to use and it will determine how many picks you have, up to five, to blow open the entrance to the cave containing all the riches Dove Randall worked so hard to accumulate.

You are then transported to the scene of the cave where Able and Mable have assembled a battery of wooden artillery to blast your way into Randall’s stash of gold. If you can’t use all five weapons you have your choice from among a Gatling gun, a cannon, a detonator that launches a hydrogen bomb (Able and Mable have come prepared with sunglasses to shield their eyes but those pearly whites remain unprotected), a mortar and a tank operated by a chicken. After you have deployed the weaponry to steal, er find, Randall’s Riches Able and Mable ride off into the sunset with the gold. But beware the donkey!