Fruit Shop (Touch)

Fruti Shop touch Screenshot

The Fruit Shop Touch slot is one that for many, will take you back down memory lane and into the boozer where you probably started your love of slots and even fruit machines. It’s for this reason why this slot type has become so popular, but we think that Fruit Shop Touch provides more than just a nostalgic walk along memory lane.

The slot includes a 5 reel, 15 payline form, whilst also being one of the more generous when it comes to hitting the free spins section. Multipliers can work their way up to 4x your bonus amount.


It’s clear that Fruit Shop has gone for a more simplistic theme than some of the other NetEnt mobile slots. That being said, it looks absolutely stunning and the colours on the latest retina display iPhone are just super sharp. Whether this slot was designed with HD screens in mind we aren’t sure, but one thing is for sure is that they look fantastic.

It may come as a pretty strange thing to say, but instantly you feel as though you are in the actual fruit shop. Actually laughing whilst writing that, but it really does absorb you into this colourful world and reminds you of what the majority of slots used to be like.


The downside to the slot definitely comes within the lack of features that it has on offer. This is probably due to the fact that NetEnt have worked so hard at producing so many mobile slots with a massive range of features in them and to finally have one that’s pretty simplistic, but still massively ahead of the majority of mobile slots, comes as little bit of a shock to the system.

That being said, the app allows you to get into the free spins section more often than pretty much any we have tested. All you need to do is match up any fruit symbol bet line win and you will be taken to the free spins. Unfortunately, the most you can get is 5 free spins with a maximum multiplier of 4x. As we mentioned, this may seem small, but to combat this, they have increased the frequency of which you hit the free spins.

The simplicity of the game probably works as both a strength and weakness for Fruit Shop Touch. It’s a strength in the fact that it’s back to the old school in terms of slots and will often light memories of days in the pub playing slot machines. The weaknesses come down to the lack of features and in turn will probably question the longevity of the game in the current mobile slots market.