What a Hoot

What a Hoot Touch Screenshot

The What a Hoot mobile slot is brought to you by one of the most powerful and successful slots developers, Microgaming. Initially when diving into to reviewing this slot we thought it would be about the magical world of Owls (note tongue firmly in cheek) but actually its of very little relevance with a seemingly mish-mash of symbols on offer.

Whilst the randomness of its layout is a little confusing, this slot is actually about as  simple as it comes with a 5 reel, 9 payline game on offer. Unfortunately though, simplicity comes at cost and with no inclusion of bonus rounds or free spins, will fall behind that some of the more established mobile slots currently on the market.


What a Hoot includes a bunch of graphically sound symbols to follow you around this slot that includes owls, a collection of fruits and nuts, berries, scatters and wild symbols. See, we told you it was random! But random doesn’t take away from how good this app looks; graphically its really pleasing on the eye.


The downfall of the game definitely comes in the form of a lack of features. But there are both scatters, which will be multiplied depending on how many you get by the amount bet and wilds, which will work across all paylines but won’t affect scatters.

On the flip side, and reading a little more between the lines with what Microgaming have tried to do with this mobile slot, features kind of defy the point in What a Hoot. As the name would suggest, it’s all about having fun in a simple, almost old school mobile slot. It’s very much a game which will be targeted towards players that are on the go or just want to simply keep spinning their lines whilst not worrying about having to actually be involved if the chance should arrive.

With all that being said, this won’t be targeted towards people with shallow bank rolls. Spins start at over 2 coins and can work their way up to 45 coins a go. It’s this that had us baffled as the majority of players with a little money in their back pocket to burn on mobile slots, will be chasing that illusive life changing payday with a game that’s a least giving them the opportunity to hit it. No jackpots, meaningful multipliers, bonus rounds or free spins just won’t cut the mustard for these higher rollers, which kind of leads us on the wondering which players are actually going to want to play this mobile slot?