Lucky 7

lucky 7 screenshot

BetSoft Gaming has carved out a mobile slots niche with cinematic 3D gaming but that doesn’t mean the developers don’t appreciate the classics – even if you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of their product offering page to find them. Lucky 7 is their tip of the cap to every slot machine that used to stand everywhere in Las Vegas from the casino floors to the waiting room in the Trailways bus station.

Lucky 7 is a three-reel, single payline slots game. Yes, young ‘uns, that is what once passed for slot machine excitement. You can bet as many as three coins to a maximum bet of £3. Even if you are playing the minimum of 0.02 coins per play you really should spring for all three coins (0.06) since that is your only chance at winning the top jackpot.


BetSoft often likes to weave complicated games and story lines into its slots games but here it has retreated to Slot Game Design 101. There are 7s, sets of bars and cherries. That’s it. But Lucky 7 still brings the knockout graphics of BetSoft’s other games. The detail is so crisp in re-creating this classic Vegas slot that you will catch yourself reaching to your right side to pull down the lever for each spin. Even the shadows cast by the reels across the lower half of the window display have been faithfully captured.


There are no features. If you don’t know your slots history, any bar on the win line pays, any two cherries pay, and after that you need to fill up the win line with symbols to cash. Three Lucky 7s strike the jackpot which pays 1000X for one or two coins but 1667X for three coins. That is why you want to risk three coins on every spin.

If there is beauty simplicity – and there is – Lucky 7 is a true Old Master.