Pink Panther

Pink Panther Touch Screenshot

The Pink Panther is probably one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. You could stop just about anyone of a certain age in the street and ask them to hum the theme tune to the cartoon series and they would; although they would likely look at you as if you were a little mental!

The game shines out as one of PlayTech’s flagship mobile slots and includes an impressive 5 reel, 40 payline structure to it, of which only a handful of games actually compete with. There are no fewer than 5 bonus features along with scatter symbols and wild cards to boot.


The slot follows Inspector Clouseau on his mission to catch the Pink Panther. It’s definitely based more on the cartoon that’s likely more popular than the motion picture anyway. Graphically, the slot has converted well on mobile devices but rather frustratingly it’s a little stretch on the tablet devices we have tested.


The sheer volume of bonus rounds defiantly makes this one of the most captivating mobile slots we have come across to date. Rather interestingly, and this is something we have rarely seen on mobile slots, is that all of the bonus rounds are completely random. This means that it doesn’t matter what sort of board you hit for one of the bonuses features to hit. In all honesty, this is probably the only downside to this slot as we like to know what we are chasing, rather than just sitting and wondering what sort of combination the computer is looking for. Probably personal preference here though.

Nonetheless, the first round is the Pink Pow and this result in the Pink Panther giving you a number of wilds on screen. This can range between 2 and 6 wilds, and from here it is held as the board continues to spin racking up any bonus winnings.

The safe cracking game is actually our favourite and will require the Pink Panther to work its way through a number of safes trying to avoid the dynamite. As each safe is successfully opened a number of free spins and multipliers will be awarded. Once the dynamite is found, an explosion will occur and your free spins game will begin.

The third game includes the Pink Panther painting a fence and in that time a range of numbers starts to rack up. At the end you can times this number by your bet amount for your bonus. Interestingly you can also decline this amount up to a maximum of three times, but from here you must take the final amount.

The wheel of fortune style game allows you to rack up a series of multipliers for your last bet amount. You will essentially get two wheels; the inner offering up a collect or re-spin section whilst the outer will be a multiplier. The more you manage to land on re-spin, the more times your multiplier will be added together.

The final game is where Inspector Clouseau goes on the trail for the Pink Panther. The inspector follows footprints around the garden with each offering up a cash reward. The further you can go before the trail gets cold will mean you collect more money. If you manage to complete a trail then a 2x multiplier will be waiting for you at the end.