Energoonz Screenshot

Energoonz is alien all the way. Not only is it thematically about alien creatures but the approach Play’n Go brings to this mobile slots game will be alien to most players.

The game plays out on a five-by-five grid that approximates a conventional set of reels but doesn’t quite act that way. There are no paylines but coins are won by lining up three symbols in a row anywhere on the grid – either horizontally and vertically. There are only fixed bets of 0.20, 1.00, 2.00, 10.00 and a hefty 40.00 coins.


Energoonz is a world of electrically energised creatures, three in particular: a top-scoring sinister black and electric blue fellow, a grinning orange pillow of a creature and a triple-eyed green beanbag sort. There are electrical bolts and atoms and licks of flame shooting about. The key player to keep your eye on is the zapper that jolts to life when wins take place.


The main feature of basic play is the Cascading Reels, or what passes for them in Energoonz. Each time a game is lost the 25 symbols drop off the screen and are replaced with a new set of bright symbols. If there is a three-in-a-row win the zapper electrifies the symbols and they are removed from the force field over to a collecting box on the left side where you can figure out what you have won. Those symbols are replaced by new symbols for more possible wins. Each time the winning symbols build in the collection box and the multiplier grows by one. More than one winning combination can be zapped per play. If you actually clear the board you receive a bonus of 1,000 coins. When you stop winning the multiplier goes away and the remaining symbols drop away to begin anew with a fresh 25.

Etched into the force field are the letter B-O-N-U-S running down each column of the grid. If you eliminate all the symbols covering that column the Bonus round is revealed – seriously, you can see it. You now get transported to a new grid where there are ten more symbols with new pay values. These guys are dull and drab and waiting for the zapper to bring them to life and disgorge coins in the process. Winning combinations in Free Spins require five symbols anywhere on the grid. Also showing up on the grid for the first time is the Wild, a blue Energy Coil. Five of these will keep the bonus spins going another five rounds up to 20.

You are not quite in a slots parlour and not quite in a video arcade with Energoonz and you are never quite sure what you are winning but it can be electrifying.