x factor screenshot

You don’t know what it is but you know it when you see it. That indescribable something is what Simon Cowell built an interactive talent show around as a follow-up to Pop Idol. Wagerworks has now brought the format to mobile slots. So which is it you want – great fame or great riches? The only way to find either is by the Steps to Stardom.

X-Factor is a five-reel game with 20 possible paylines. There is no progressive jackpot at the end of your run to stardom but there is a maximum jackpot of 25,000 coins. Autospin can be engaged to deliver 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 spins at a time while you enjoy the show.


You would have to have been out wandering in the cultural desert not to know the basic workings of X-Factor at this point. The spins begin with a few snippets of the familiar Saturday night show theme music which dissolve into cheering fans in the studio audience and conscious-shattering music. The female singers and male singers take the stage and there are microphones scattered everywhere to pick up the action. Elusive platinum records appear every now and then to remind you just what is at stake here. If you don’t care about the fame you can mute your device and concentrate on the riches.


The television show rarely deviates from a well-worn path of success and neither does the X-Factor mobile slots game. There are the always popular free spins as a goal and a simple bonus.

Boot Camp symbols, based on the intensive mentoring would-be stars receive on the show, trigger the free spins, up to a maximum of 15 for five symbols. The additional spins are not only critical for building your bank but you are also on a quest to collect stars. If you manage to pocket ten of them during the Free Spins Bonus you have advanced to the “Final Five” with your one chance to win it all, or at least the 25,000 coins.

The Judges Bonus exposes you to the slings and arrows of the merciless evaluators, again triggered by three or more of the silhouetted Judges symbol. If three judges escort you into the bonus your return is 20X, if four bring you in the award is 50X and if all five judges endorse your candidacy for stardom the multiplier is 200X. As the bonus continues you endure the verdict of the judges – as soon as you get a “NO” you are returned to the basic reels. A “YES” gives you the chance to risk all your winnings as you continue on in the contest. Have you got what it takes?