The Codfather (Touch)

Codfather Screenshot

In this piscine version of Mario Puzo’s classic Mafioso saga, NextGen┬átakes the gangster threat to “sleep with the fishes” to its literal and comical conclusion.

This mobile slots game swims along five reels and pays out on 20 win lines. Minimum bets begin at 0.20 units and tap out at 40 units. There is no progressive jackpot but two bonus rounds with free spins and multipliers lure players into the briny deep. Autoplay keeps the reels spinning without having to come to the surface for air.


Let’s start with the severed seahorse head. When you realize you are likely to wind up with a dead seahorse’s head in your bed you know the type of character you are dealing with when you cast your lot with The Codfather. There are the underbosses of the nattily attired deep-water gang that include a discombobulated hammerhead shark, a clownfish, a tuna and an eel. Sea snakes and an occasional empty violin case float by to remind you that this is a dangerous school of fish. There are lots or air bubbles and vaguely sinister music as you sink deeper and deeper into The Codfather’s twisted water world.


The Codfather is the Wild but he confines his appearances in his aquatic kingdom to Reels 2, 3 and 4. He takes over for all the underlings in the game except for the title-branded Scatter logo. When this happens the fishy don erupts into spasms as if he has just been snared on a hook.

When The Codfather lands on all three reels at once you are transported to the gang’s underwater clubhouse where you are entitled to extract tribute from the oily underbosses as a Peace Offering. You choose among five fish kingpins who reluctantly float loot across the table into your money net.

The only other disruption of the normal flow of sea shenanigans is the arrival of three Logo scatters that launch 10 free spins that are all stoked with triple payoffs for all wins. Plus the free games can be re-triggered during the bonus play. Nothing fishy about that!