Tally Ho

Tally Ho Touch Screenshot

Tally Ho puts you in the fox’s shoes for once as they seemingly live the life of leisure in this latest instalment of a Microgaming slot. We won’t lie, this isn’t the best looking mobile slot of all time as the graphics do feel a little dated. This actually comes a rather big surprise considering its actually not all that old to the network.

Nonetheless, you are greet with Microgaming’s tried and test 5 reel 9 payline game that’s become one of the most popular formats of its time. Again, they have included a number of free spins, multipliers, wild symbols and scatters to accompany their now obligatory pick and play game for these types of slots.


Tally Ho follows around Mr Fox who sees to be somewhat of an aristocrat in the world of foxes. In fact, Mr fox not only likes to dine out for his supper, drive round in fancy cars, eat copious amounts of tea and cake, court vixens and just generally be a bit of a man of leisure. That’s when he’s not getting chased by the farmer and his gun, of course.

In terms of design, the game has a lot to be desired. It just looks really basic and the white background makes everything seem a little pale. Unfortunately, there are games with the same sort of structure on Microgaming’s network, that just look that little bit more refined.


We dive straight into the features section with the inclusion of the free spins game that’s on offer. To get into the free spins game you will need to active three or more the trumpet based scatters, this will get you 10 free spins. The multiplier for this game is 4x your winnings but you can also retrigger this multiple times. Whilst the initial number of 10 is undoubtedly on the low side, the retrigger happens very frequently so it’s unlikely you will get less than 20 in one spin.

The wild cards are represented by a crazy looking horse and any that are used will give you double your winnings for that payline. These will replace all symbols apart from the scatter ones, so will yield a decent amount of profit. Finally you will see Microgaming’s pick and play game, that allows you to choose whether the next playing card in the sequence will be black or red and then for you to choose the suit to quadruple your winnings.