South Park (Touch)

South Park Mobile Slot Screenshot

The South Park Touch game is undoubtedly the highlight of NetEnt’s mobile capabilities. The ‘slot’ is based on the predictably funny TV series South Park and includes a host of main characters including Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle to name but a few. We only mention ‘slot’ like we do because this game is close to being more of game than a slot, but in reality, it never loses its casino vibe throughout.

The South Park Touch starts with a pretty standard 5 reel and 25 payline slot and then goes onto to offer you no less than 8 bones features, which is just an absolutely staggering amount.


The theme of the slot takes you to many different places that have become synonymous of the TV series. The board starts out with a snowy backdrop, before ending up in the school yard for games like hopscotch (except with the kicking of a baby), Cartman squirting a fire extinguisher over people in the playground, along with a whole host of other random musings from the guys at South Park and NetEnt.

One thing we will say is that even if you aren’t familiar with the works of South Park, and we realise it can be quite an acquired taste, this game still packs a punch. As long as you don’t get grossed out too easily, it should provide a good deal of playing time.


Honestly, not sure where to start with this features section. There are 8 bonus features to choose from, which is just insane for a mobile slots app. The first up are a range of wild cards which include a normal wild card that is the most sane ting about the whole game; reads just simply ‘wild’. Interestingly though, these wild cards are the most lucrative and often pay the highest paying lines.

Next up you get Cartman’s ‘Beefcake!’ wild card where a series of cards in the first three reels get covered (or held) before it spinning out and then you take your winnings from there. Often this will result in a big payday. The next two are the Terrance and Philip Wild and the Mr Hankey wild which are both random occurrences. These two are arguably the weirdest as well!

There are four bonus games to work your way through as well with the first begin that is Kyle’s attempt to kick the baby across the school yard – this will seem really weird to none South Park fans! It’s basically a passage way into the free spins market where you can gain a potential multiplier of up to 10x win amount.

The next is a free spin and sticky wild game which involves Stan. The third is a game where you have to keep Kenny alive as he walks down the street. This is often from falling objects such as dishwashers, cows and safes, you know, the usual. This game probably has the most fun, but it’s tough to complete and get big rewards.

The final one is the most lucrative and gives you a chance of winning the £625,000 jackpot on offer. It involves, inevitably, Cartman and requires you to spray a bunch of hippies out of the bushes with a fire extinguisher (or hose?). The game is one of several that are completely random and a nice change to what we’ve come to expect from a ‘normal’ mobile slot.