Sevens Screenshot

When iGaming2Go announced its initial suite of five games for release in late 2013 it made sure to carve out space for a classic Las Vegas slots game that it called Seven’s. The company devotes itself to only developing games for the hand-held market.

Sevens is a three-reel slots game that deviates only slightly from the standard pub fruit machine by offering wins along five paylines. It also enables a wide range of player commitment, beginning at 1.00 coins and going to a maximum bet of 20.00 per line. There is no progressive jackpot on this mobile one-armed bandit but you can dream of a 600X return of your stake.


This is a new company’s take on an old war horse. There is one double-set of bars and your plums, oranges, lemons, cherries and, of course, the sevens. The reels, however, seem to have come with a haze that makes you wish for some sort of laser cataract surgery that will suddenly sharpen the images. Seven’s has also lifted its music straight from the casino floor and tolerance for that sort of thing will vary.


There are no free games or multipliers or bonus rounds in the basic spinning of the reels. Just three-of-a-kind and check the pay table on the right hand side of the screen. The only twist on the old-time fruit machine is a Gamble feature that triggers after every win. It is a 50-50 proposition on the colour of the next ace revealed o double your win. Given the theme of the game it might have been more apropos to have the card either be a “7” or blank.