Reel Thunder

reel thunder screenshot

With the promise of action oozing from its name, you could take Reel Thunder in any number of directions for a mobile slots game. Dramatic lightning strikes, hearts-in-your-mouth auto racing action, death-defying movie stunts. Microgaming decided to go the road tripping route. Think greasy spoon diners and tachometers well below the red line. Instead of a menacing Hells Angels-type wrangling a Harley hog, you get a cartoon pig behind the handlebars. OK.

Reel Thunder is a five-reel mobile slots game with nine paylines. There is no progressive jackpot but a top prize of 10,000 coins somewhere on the road. When the thunder comes there is no imperative to dive under your table in fear.


The License Plate symbol says it all: Cruisin. So you get a plate of bacon and eggs, a stack of pancakes dripping with syrup, a chili dog and a glass mug of beer. There doesn’t even seem to be any thunder boomers in the sky to mar this easy-going road trip. So just lean back and enjoy the ride. Although the rumbling engines and electric guitar riffs on the soundtrack can get players to put the pedal to the metal and ignore the speed limits to pump up the payline stakes.


There is not a lot of planning and preparation for this trip down the American highways. Your toughest decision will be selecting from the myriad of betting values Reel Thunder offers before pointing your bike to the open road. Denominations range from 0.25 coins up to a maximum of ten coins to play on each betting line.

The main sights you will be looking for as you cruise the highway are the wilds and scatters, both of which are spelled out for you. The SCATTER symbol appears below an engine block that looks like a cache of salt and pepper shakers given the rest of the symbols in Reel Thunder. The WILD is used to build winning combinations with all other symbols save for the engine-slash-salt shaker hybrid.

You will want to pull off the road each time that Engine Block starts acting up however. It creates wins in every direction and not just left to right. There are, however, no free spins served up in any roadhouse on this journey through America.

But wait. The Road Hog has just zoomed into the picture. Round up five Road Hogs and you score the top prize of 10,000 coins. Head out for the highway, looking for adventure, in whatever comes our way…