Pots O’ Plenty

Pots of plenty screenshot

So you are settling into to enjoy a mouth-watering time with a game based on Jamie Oliver cooking up a feast in his television kitchen but no, wait, Pots O’ Plenty is not a kitchen romp from Probability. Alas, it is another Irish luck game. According to Irish folklore, Leprechauns spend all their time cobbling shoes and accumulating gold coins in pots that can be spirited away at the end of a rainbow. You will never catch one without a green suit and hat although you may encounter one who is clean shaven. If you ever catch one he can be expected to plead for his release by offering three wishes with his magical powers. Maybe one of those wishes should be reserved for a break from Irish luck games.

Pots O’ Plenty is a five-reel mobile slots game with 50 paylines. Wagering can begin at just 0.02 coins and continue up to 0.50 coins per line for a maximum play of 25.00 coins. There is no progressive jackpot waiting at the end of the rainbow but the in-game jackpots are large enough to make even a Leprechaun’s eyes sparkle. An Auto Spin option is available to tap.


If you have never seen a slot machine here are the ways you know you are playing a game with an Irish luck theme – there are four-leafed clovers, horseshoes, rainbows and pots of gold. Pots O’ Plenty has them all. The Leprechaun’s green Top Hat and Briar Pipe also spin on the reels. The minor playing card icons are niftily carved out of brass and as a change of pace a lusty red-headed waitress is serving up mugs of stout.


Pots O’ Plenty breaks with tradition and tosses away all those lucky charms to make the suds server the top payer in the game. If she shows up at your table five times across an active payline it will reward you to the tune of 3000X your initial wager. Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme.

The brimming Pot of Gold is the Wild in Pots O’ Plenty and it can substitute for any other symbol except the Leprechaun to complete a winning combination. The wins are not multiplied and the Pot of Gold does not produce any wins on its own.

The Leprechaun is the Scatter and he is the bearer of Free Spins – six for three little magical guys, eight for four and ten for five. He reins in the magic after that and he may grant more free games during bonus play if you are so lucky. All prizes gathered during the free spins will be doubled up at the end.