Potion Commotion

potion comotion screenshot

Sometimes it is not what is in the magic potion that counts; it is how it is mixed together. That seems to be idea behind Potion Commotion, a mobile slots game from NextGen Gaming.

This is a five-reel game with 20 paylines. There is no progressive jackpot, no bonus games, no gamble feature. Potion Commotion is all about free spins and getting those vials shaking. There is an in-game jackpot of 5,000 coins. There is an Autoplay feature available.


The setting seems to be a medieval alchemist’s laboratory. It is dark inside and illuminated only by a couple of well-burned candles. The shelves are lined with colourful vials and stacks of conjuring books. The potions spin against a pitch black background and the symbols are nothing but vials. The minor symbols are not playing cards but more vials half-filled with colourful liquid. There are a few different shapes to the glass bottles to help you tell them apart but then the same shapes contain different liquids. It is just Potion Commotion down in that lab.


Keeping maximum commotion for the rotating vials is the only real feature here. The Game Logo is the Scatter and it pays whenever it shows up. Three Game Logos produce a spate of three free games, four get 15 and 5 rake in 20 free spins. The payout triples during this bonus and the decidedly happy music picks up a few more symbol crashes. The free games can re-trigger and the vials just keep spinning.

One of the bottles contains a potion more potent than the rest so it is labelled “Wild.” When the Wild Potion shows up it takes the place of every other symbol except the Scatter. And if five show up on the same payline that is when the 5,000X pays off. If you have risked the maximum 40 coins that is a return of 200,000 coins. That’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on.