Over The Rainbow

Over the rainbow screenshot

The leprechaun of Irish folklore was usually assumed to hide his secret pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But the leprechaun is a trickster never quite appearing to be what he truly is. Maybe that is the thinking behind the Over The Rainbow mobile slots game from Realistic.

Over The Rainbow is a classic slot with just three reels stacked three symbols deep and with a single pay line across the middle. From every appearance it is targeted to the novice slots player, ideal for beginners to get the lay of the land. But the minimum bet on Over The Rainbow is an intimidating £1 and the maximum bet is £100 – enough to make even the most risk-tolerant high roller take a pause.


Here too Over The Rainbow is not what it purports to be. Where are the rainbows? There is a pot of gold in the southeast corner but it is partially shrouded under cattails and dragonflies and birds in a marsh. There is no rainbow. What all this has to with rainbows and chasing gold is a bit of a mystery.


If the set-up to Over The Rainbow is a head-shaker the play is straightforward. Start with the symbols for the prize multipliers. They are the tried and true cherries and bars and sevens. It not only looks like a classic casino but you can see snatches of casino-style carpet as you play. It seems that Over The Rainbow is more about the casino experience than chasing rainbows across mountain meadows.

Features like wilds, free spins, scatters, bonus screens and gamble features are all easy to understand in Over The Rainbow because there isn’t any of all that.

No, the big money comes from winning the old-fashioned way. If you line up three pots of the gold on the center the return is 2,000 times the bet value. If you bet the maximum that makes for a pot of gold of a 2 with five zeroes trailing after that. With 200,000 coins in your bank it won’t much matter if the themes and the intended market for Over The Rainbow don’t make a lot of sense.