Mythic Maiden (Touch)

Mythic Masiden Touch Screenshot

Mythic Maiden is designed around a hidden attic in which includes a series of relics, treasure and good amount of scary features thrown in for good measure. The concept is to find the treasure in the attic to get through into the free spins and bonus games.

The game is a pretty standard 5 reel, 30 payline slot which includes features such as 30x free spins, and a solid 3x multiplier within the bonus game.


Mythic Maiden is a slot that’s definitely been designed with Halloween in mind. The creepy spiders in the back drop, the ghost, gaols, skulls and even the sounds really add to the overall theme of the slot. But, that being said, it probably has a lot more longevity than simply targeted towards a Halloween based public.

The graphics on the slot are actually quite good. They are well designed, but if you are familiar with the desktop version, you will likely see a pretty distinctive downgrade in the overall appearance. There’s little wrong with it, it just doesn’t look as sharp as it possibly could do.


The jackpot has to be a feature of the Mythic Maiden Touch slot, with up to 75,000 coins on offer resulting in a pay day of $20,000. Now this isn’t the biggest of jackpots by any mean, but it’s a solid enough amount and definitely not one to be shrugged at.

But, to get to this jackpot you need to get into the scatter and bonus rounds and to do this you will need to collect 3 or more scatter symbols to open up the free spins and awake the mummy type character on the right hand side of the game. Free spins will range between 10, 15 and 30, depending on how many scatters you managed to match. But once the mummy is awoken, this number could rise as she gives out a variety of free spins and multipliers for your bonus game.

Whilst Mythic Maiden definitely has the Halloween feel to it, it does seem to be much more than just another holiday slot. The sot appears to have a decent amount of longevity to it, and should provide a really good game throughout the years. The highlight comes from within the free spins and bonus game, which could make the Mythic Maiden slot extremely lucrative. Design wise, the slot works really well on the mobile device, but it’s arguably not one of NetEnt’s better looking slots.