Mega Fortune (Touch)

mega fortune screenshot

When a heaping pile of money just isn’t enough, when a big fortune just doesn’t cut it, there is always a Mega Fortune to be pursued. Net Entertainment puts its money where its game is – players have scored in excess of 10 million pounds on its progressive jackpot, including a world record €17.8 million. And like the truly wealthy when the top jackpot is scored the game is completely blasé about it.

Mega Fortune is a classic five-reel, 25-payline game on three rows. It offers free spins and a bonus game in addition to that progressive jackpot.


Mega Fortune is all about money and the finer things in life it affords. The cash grab plays out against the palm-lined waters of your favorite tropical resort. Limousines drive by, yachts are flitting about, stacks of cash are scattered here and there, snifters of brandy are always at hand and if something can be gold plated it is. The lower-ranking symbols are stamped into fancy gold and silver rings. A jazz track provides the musical backdrop to the lifestyles of the rich and richer.


A bet between one and four coins per payline up to a maximum of 100 coins gets the game underway. The biggest money in the progressive jackpot can only be won with the maximum coin value of four at the beginning.

Mega Fortune eases you into the trappings of mega-millionaires with a hunt for Champagne, the game’s scatter. Find three and you are ushered into a free spins round where winnings are enhanced up to 5X, depending on what multiplier you uncover under a selected Champagne symbol. The bonus can be triggered again during free spins. A Speedboat is the wild symbol and delivers winning lines but it is just a plaything for the very rich – you’re here to go after the big bucks.

The mega fortune of Mega Fortune lies within the Wheel of Fortune Bonus, triggered by three or more bonus symbols lined up left to right across a payline. The Wheel of Fortune is actually three chance wheels, one inside the next. The outside wheel spins first and returns a cash prize or an arrow directing to the second wheel where the same scenario takes place. If you reach the third wheel and the arrow points to the Mega Jackpot bullseye inside, well, you could be on your way to being written up in magazines.