Major Millions

Major Millions Touch Screenshot

The Major Millions slot is based firmly around the military and it’s a game that’s been a favourite in the Microgaming back catalogue for a number of years now. For those you familiar with the series, then you won’t be disappointed by its transition to mobile. The game looks superb and plays out with all the favourite features that made it so popular to start with.

What you get from this mobile slot is a 5 reel 15 payline game that will be popular with a wide variety of players due to its minimum bet of 0.30 coins and its maximum bet of 3.00 coins. On top of all that, you will get a variety of wilds, scatter symbols and also a progressive jackpot to sink your teeth into.


The top and bottom of the theme is basically based around the army. You will have to guide yourself through a number of tricky predicaments with Major Millions as your squadron leader. But he’s not as hardened as you might expect and regular gives away a number of bonuses. It’s not actually changed an awful lot over the years and the switch to mobile has seemingly been a pretty painless transition.


One of the things we like about Major Millions is that you can clearly see what you need to do in order to win the progressive jackpot. Whilst this may seem like a pretty obvious feature, you would be surprised to hear how many actually don’t provide any information on how the jackpot will be hit. You will need to get 5 of the wild card symbols all along the 15th payline in order to win. See, pretty simple!

In all honesty, the progressive jackpot for most of us will only ever be a pipe dream, but being able to access the scatter multiples is likely going to be much more obtainable. When you get three or more scatters this number will then be multiplied three times to your original bet. This number increases to ten when 4 scatters are apparent and 30 when all five scatters are on offer.

What’s been interesting to see on this slot is the fact that they haven’t really changed anything from their successful online version. But then again, if it works, then why would they? For a number of years this has been one of our favourites and we love the new integration with mobile that is now on offer.