Jack Hammer (Touch)

jack hammer screenshot

Jack Hammer Touch is another of NetEnt’s games that have come to their mobile devices on the back of a successful desktop campaign. This slot is a bit of a throwback to old private investigator days with the slot including the retro graphics and sounds you might expect to hear from the original Batman comic book series (‘Kaapppowwww’).

Jack Hammer Touch is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot which includes a bundle of special features such as sticky wins, free spins and wild substitutions.


Jack Hammer – cheesy name, we know – is a Private investigator looking to fight the realms of evil for all things good – cheesy tag! The theme actually looks really great and we mentioned how it had a bit of retro comic book feel, but in all honesty this is what makes it such an interesting game to play. The graphics include the likes of Jack Hammer, his arch nemeses Evil Dr. Wuten, a newspaper, damsel in distress, a blimp, chemistry set, town crier and a whole bunch more.


The standout feature on the lost has to be the introduction of sticky wins. These sticky wins are symbols that when you collect three or more will hold for your next spin. You will automatically get a bonus depending on your symbols, but if you match up another two you will be eligible to receive up to 10 free spins.

The free spins are where you make your money on this game and the multiplier lies at a pretty mediocre 3x what you win. Generally you will receive between 10 and 30 free spins when you match up 5 symbols, which is actually easier to do then it sounds. For every symbol over 5 that manage to match will increase the number of free spins you receive. The free spins section is seen as a duel between that of Jack Hammer and the Evil Dr. Wuten, which basically ends in you – Jack Hammer – becoming victorious with your winnings, which was a nice touch.

The game includes a pay-out rate of 97% which is extremely high. Although it is another game that will likely keep you ticking over more than say, some of the more volatile games on offer. That being said, the game definitely has a really good amount of longevity to it and with potential jackpots reaching upwards of £30,000 for a maximum win on the free spins, could definitely be considered as one the bigger paying in the mobile industry.

Overall the Jack Hammer Touch game was really interesting to paly we loved the graphics of it all. The throw back to our comic days youth with the design definitely hit a string of nostalgia, but the inclusion of a good range of free spins, bonuses, multipliers and the sticky wins, definitely added into what’s resulted as a top quality mobile slot from NetEnt.