Heist Screenshot

Everyone loves a good caper, or at least Hollywood believes everyone loves a good caper. Betsoft Gaming does too and they have expanded their line of narrative-driven mobile slots games to include the movie blockbuster-influenced Heist.

Heist is a five-reel slots game that pays out honestly earned booty along 30 paylines. The caper begins with as little as 0.05 coins and as much as £1.00 pound can be wagered on each line for those who want to make participating in this Heist really worth the risk. There is no progressive jackpot in play – this is a one time job. You can make quick work of the betting with Max Bet.


Pulling of that job is professional safecracker Neil Quailand and he takes down scores because that is what he does. Leadfoot Albert Kolwaski has been on Quailand’s trail for seven years while also perfecting his chiseled Arnold Schwarzenegger looks. Quailand is planning his biggest score ever in this Heist – nine million pounds of bank notes. If you were hoping to be dazzled by Quailand’s clever planning and brilliant outwitting of detective Kolwaski you will be disappointed. When you join his team you had better bring plenty of firepower.

The symbols centre around the obstacles involved in Quailand’s bank job and the tools he will need to get this job done. So you see a set of architect’s blueprints, a stopwatch and of course Navy Seal-grade weaponry. There is a keypad lock that must be negotiated and stacks of pound notes and a sack of diamonds all lined up and ready to steal. Of course we see Neil Quailand in full thief mode and a resolute Albert Kolwaski determined to finally get his man. The soundtrack music does nothing to reduce the suspense surrounding this biggest-ever heist.


Quailand and Kolwaski are the lords of the pay table and return up to a maximum of 60X your stake for five on an active payline. Prepare to eat a lot of hot lead in Heist as every time a winning combination is triggered it is announced with a gunshot in your general direction. But you are getting closer to the vault with its unimaginable riches.

The Wild Reel Feature will help speed up the process. If the container of C4 lands in the centre reel it activates and an explosion obliterates the screen. When the smoke clears a Wild Reel with a 2X multiplier is ready to spin. It may also be randomly locked down which will keep the reel locked for another potentially rich spin.

More exacting work is done by the Glass Cutter Feature that becomes active when three or more of Quailand’s Glass Cutter icons line up on an active payline. This is a quick Pick-Me game that will award free spins, instant access to a bonus round or free bonus credits.

The Drill is the Scatter and three or more will trigger a special payout depending on how many Drills were involved in the set-up. As few as two coins and as many as ten can be won here.

When three or more Vault symbols appear on an active payline you have successfully blasted your way to the vault room. You must decide for Quailand which method to use to bust into the riches-laden vault. Once you obliterate the security lockdown it is time to gather up as much cash as you can before Kolwaski can nab you and the Vault Bonus expires. Big Win detected.