Grand Monarch

grand monarch screenshot

If you were thinking Catherine the Great or Henry V you have clicked on the wrong game app. This Grand Monarch from International Game Technology takes place in the realm of the Monarch butterfly, the most celebrated of all North American butterflies. The Monarch is known for flying thousands of miles from Canada to Mexico every year but you won’t have to go to such great lengths to return home a winner from Grand Monarch.

This is a five-reel, 50-payline mobile slots game that is non-progressive. Rather than unlock complicated bonus schemes Grand Monarch sets you off in search of a tasty prize of up to 255 free spins.


Grand Monarch seeks to release the player from the sustained frenzy of the mobile slots world. The graphics will deposit you into a peaceful flower-filled meadow where you can leave your worries behind and just watch the butterflies skitter about from colorful bloom to colorful bloom. There are no complicated payouts to decipher in this quiet countryside. All you really need to do is keep track of the orange-and-black winged Monarchs and the caterpillars that will one day become butterflies. Calm, relaxing music wafting from the app sets the mood in this pastoral wonderland, making it easy to play for long stretches of time.


Before play begins you decide how much to bet. Use the arrows to increase or decrease your wager from among 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 paylines. The betting range is from 0.01 units to a maximum of 5.00 units per payline play. In your near catatonic state induced by the soothing Grand Monarch, Auto Spin is a welcome feature. It will play for you until a bonus is triggered, you emerge from your stupor or your account is emptied.

The Monarch butterfly is the wild symbol and is a frequent visitor to your virtual meadow. It even appears stacked on the same reel, upping your chances of big returns. The Monarch substitutes for all the minor face card symbols and the flowers but not the Caterpillar which is the scatter bonus player.

The Caterpillar spins only on the three center reels. If it shows up in line it triggers the Free Spin Bonus game with five spins. That may not sound like much but the free spins feature the pay doubles and the meadow overflows with extra Butterflies and Caterpillars. You are besieged by the insects and can continue to score free spins up to a maximum of 255, all the while piling up cash in your bank. That will certainly leave you closing the Grand Monarch game app with the winds beneath your wings!