Fruit Bonanza

Fruit Bonanza screenshot

Fruit Bonanza was one of the games Swedish developer Play’n Go first introduced to get into the slots marketplace. It is a riff on the classic Las Vegas progressive jackpot slots machines – with a few fruity twists.

This is a five-reel game that pays along nineĀ  win lines, and they will each matter as we will see. There is not one progressive jackpot but four to stoke your dreams. The only way you can access the community payday is to be playing the maximum bet, which is 4.50 units. For that amount of stakes you can qualify for jackpots that can stretch into the five figures.


Strawberries, Pineapples, Bells and Sevens pay with only two on the first two rows but the other symbols must gather in threes to start paying coins. Four-leaf clovers and horseshoes are tossed in for luck, although the horseshoe is pointed in the wrong direction, draining it of all power which does not bode well for those big jackpots. The soundtrack is straight off a casino floor with pings and plops and bristling energy.


There are no bonus rounds and no free games to be had in Fruit Bonanza. The Fan is the Scatter and scores a multiplier when it shows up two, three, four or five times and returns 2X, 5X, 20X, and 400X, respectively.

But the only reason you are here is for the four Fruit Bonanza progressive jackpots. The Horn of Plenty is the trigger. The Fruit Jackpot, the Juice Jackpot, and the Bonanza Jackpot are won on Paylines 1 through 8. Three Horn of Plenty symbols bring in the smallest progressive bonus that is the Fruit Jackpot. Four score the Juice Jackpot and five jackpot symbols return the Bonanza Jackpot.

The biggest jackpot – the Super Jackpot – also requires five Horn of Plenty symbols but on Payline 9 only. And that is how you beat this one-armed bandit.