Flowers (Touch)

Flowers Touch Screenshot

Flowers Touch is probably one of the simpler games from the NetEnt portfolio, but it provides a warming reception and gameplay throughout. It doesn’t have much of a story behind it in all honesty, but it comes as a light hearted slot with some bold graphics to boot.

The game is one of very few that include double symbols and that accompanied with multipliers, stacked wilds and free spins, all results in NetEnt claiming you will have a ‘blooming good time’!


The theme of the slot is more on design than any backlog story. It’s got a spring feel to it with graphics that include really well portrayed flowers, symbols and multipliers. The simplicity of it all actually works really well on the mobile device, with the colours offering a crisp, clean finish to the whole show.


One of the more interesting insertions for this game is the double stacked icons on offer. These are basically two symbols into one square but do count as two separate symbols. This makes the 5 times, 30 line pay-out actually potentially work much higher than that. These symbols will also count as double in the free spins bonus games.

The wild symbols are designed as a smiley sunshine and works in conjunction with all symbols. They can also turn up in the free spins category of which range from 3 to a potential of 30 free spins. The multiplier for each game will also vary between 2x, 4x and 10x, depending on how many free spin symbols you acquired.

The maximum jackpot for the game works out at 75,000 coins, which is a good amount. In all fairness though the likelihood of hitting the 30 free spin accumulator with the 10x accumulator is very unlikely, but then it is with all games in reality.

Flowers Touch feels a little bit thin on the ground and even though graphically it’s pretty sound, it didn’t take an awfully long time to find it become a little too tedious. It’s definitely going to be a game where you will be in and out, rather than something that you will probably continue to return to on your mobile device – unless you really, really dig flowers!

The saving grace is the bonus game and free spins and this is where Flowers Touch really starts to form an identity. The pay-out structure is good and it will be a game that will keep you ticking along for a good while. That being said, it’s definitely a worthy addition to the NetEnt mobile slots section, but it’s likely going to target a much smaller niche than most games.