Filthy Rich

filthy rich screenshot

There is “dirt poor” and “filthy rich.” Which would you rather be? Probability is guessing the latter with its mobile slots game Filthy Rich.

This is a five-reel game and was the first to bring 50 paylines to the mobile platform. There is no progressive jackpot but as you can imagine plenty of money gets thrown around with abandon. It requires as little as 0.02 coins to get started and you can stake as much as 0.50 coins to attempt to become as filthy as you can.


This is a world of mansions, gold bars, champagne, top hats, fancy cars and jewelled pet collars. You peer into the playground of the wealthy through a gated entrance designed to keep the riffraff out. For characters we get a pair of heirs who will apparently want for nothing. It is perhaps very telling that the son and daughter are lower scoring symbols than the family dog who may be the intended target for inheritance after all.


The Pound Note plays the part of the Wild and will stand in for any of the other characters except the Gold Pound that is the game’s Scatter. When he helps create a winning combination it is at face value on the pay table – you do not get to be filthy rich by being careless with your money, On the other hand, if you earn five Pound Notes across an active payline he will part with 1000X your stake.

The Gold Pound Scatter brings rewards in the form of Free Spins – three, six or nine, depending on how many you land on the reels. You also retrieve a correspondingly higher multiplier for the extra Scatters you begin with, up to a maximum of 3X your stake. It is really quite simple to become filthy rich, is it not?