Dungeons and Dragons

dungeons and dragons screenshot

The Dungeons and Dragons game is one of the most iconic for the geeks amongst us. It’s been a game that we have spent many hours both trying to not only slay multiple dragons attacking our layers, but also building up suitable dungeons to store our captures. To be honest, the has lost the feel of the game somewhat, but it’s still really good fun, if you aren’t geeky, like we are!

For those of you familiar with IGT’s previous slots, then you will likely have seen their 5 reel, 20 payline game. This is actually a really solid addition to Dungeons and Dragons and will provide a really nice range of bets all the way up to 400 coins a spin. On top of that you get your usual wilds and scatters, but also free spins and a bonus round on top of that.


It’s got a decent mythical theme to it but we have to be honest and say that’s it’s a bit of a head scratcher the fact that it doesn’t actually include any dragons in the game; at all! The graphics are fine and look pretty good on the mobile device, but they certainly aren’t going to blow you away. If anything, we can’t help but think that it had so much potential to be real show stopper in terms of aesthetes and its failed to live up somewhat.


The features of the game do make up for the lack of graphical enhancements, and first up we want to make you ware of the tumbling reels. Basically, when you land on a winning payline, this payline will then evaporate before new symbols drop into their place. Sometimes these symbols will form new paylines and you will be paid accordingly.

The bonus symbol is pretty clear –has bonus whacked across the front – and this is what you need to look out for in order for you to activate the free spins round. You will need to collect three of these on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels to claim an initial 6 free spins. It’s worth noting that additional free spins can be awarded should you get three or more of these from within this section. These can range between 2 and 15, but seem to be pretty random in the amount you get. The maximum you can get in any one free spins game is 300 and once you’ve hit this mark – although very unlikely – you will be taken back to the original game.