Cashapillar Touch Screenshot

Today is Mr Cashapillar’s birthday and it’s your job to guide him through the jungle to find his presents and even eat a few critters on the way. This game includes a good amount of light-heartedness when playing and it the star of the show, Mr Catshapillar (see what they did there!) actually turns out to be a weirdly likable character.

The game may not be as straightforward as some may think, because instead of your usual 5×4 grid that most slots these days operate, Mr Cashapilliar actually entertains a 5×5 grid which includes 100 paylines. Now admittedly, when we first started playing it got a little confusing to keep up just with so many symbols on screen, but after a while you tend to get used to it pretty quickly. The games comes with wild symbols, scatters and a picka and play gamble feature.


In all honesty there’s not much more to add regarding the theme of Mr Cashapillar, but we will say this; the limited space on the mobile screen and the 5×5 grid was a bit of an issue. It feels much more cramped than most ‘traditionally’ sized slots and works so much better if you can get hold of a tablet device.


We can’t help but start at the staggering jackpot, which is not a progressive may we add, of 6,000,000 coins. One of the biggest? Definitely! The biggest? Quite possibly! Whether it is or it isn’t, its certainly a lump of change that will change pretty much anyone’s life. One ting worth noting about the jackpot is that you must be playing max bet to take it down and doing so will involve successfully navigating your way through the free spins game.

The free spins section is activated by getting 3 or more of Mr Cashapillars birthday cake, it’s easily recognisable as it has bonus plastered in massive writing across it. This will get you 15 free spins with a multiplier of 3x your winnings. When one of your wild caterpillar symbols substitutes on winning line when playing the bonus game this will give you an additional payout of 6x your line bet.

The wild symbol – Mr Cashapillar – lands stacked on every row you will be eligible to win the 2,000,000 jackpot that’s on offer as well. It’s not as much as 6mil, granted, but I guess we will take it if we have to! Note: Tongue firmly in cheek! Overall a really good game with a terrific range of bonuses and feature games as well.