Big Tasty

Big tasty Screenshot

Big Tasty might have been a scathing satire of fast food obsession but in iGaming2go’s rendering it is a standard food-and-vegetable mobile slot orchestrated by an anthropomorphizing dinner plate. The fast food chains will have to wait another day for their skewering.

This is a five-reel, nine payline slot but the lines do pay both ways. There is no progressive jackpot but a full menu of bonus rounds. The amount of the bet ranges from one coin to 50 so there is plenty of room at this food trough for all manner of gambler.


The setting is a 1950’s era kitchen with a red-and-white chequered tablecloth on the kitchen table and an old-fashioned icebox in the corner. Even the condiment bottles are the generic squeeze kind from the earliest days of plastic. iGaming2go play this game cutesy all the way and gives its pizza, French fries, drinks, and broccoli (broccoli?) all smiling faces. The minor symbols are all turned into food with the Jack becoming a candy cane and the Queen morphing into a frosted doughnut. There is an Autoplay feature so you can work on your digestion as the reels spin.


The biggest thing to talk about around this kitchen table are the Collapsing Reels. When a winning line forms all the winning symbols are flushed down the garbage disposal and new serving of symbols arrive in their place. There are no Free Spins in Big Tasty so this second chance at a win from the same spin acts as your free game. If there is a second win a 2X multiplier is applied. The reels collapse again and the multiplier goes up by one again. This can continue for five consecutive wins. Big and tasty.

Also cooking is a Gamble feature in play after every win. It is simple 50-50 proposition on a black or red card. With those odds there is a good chance you will leave this table hungry but the chances are greater that you won’t be leaving hungry for more Big Tasty.