Atlantis Treasure

atlantis treasure

Atlantis Treasure is another one of those mystical underwater themed mobile slots that really captures the heart of the sea. It’s your mission to dive deep into the ocean to find the hidden treasure!

The game offers a 5 reel 20 payline mode which is probably one of the more classic layouts. It was pleasing to see a wide range of features on the slot such as scatters, wilds, free spins and even a shifting treasure mode, of which we will discuss more later in this review. It has to be said that the design of Atlantic Treasure looks great on the mobile device, if a little retro.


The Atlantis Treasure slot carries one of the more familiar themes in the mobile slots industry with its oceanic layout. The graphics are pretty good and the inclusion of some interesting icons such as the wilds and scatters are a nice touch. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much filled up with those old-school numbers and letters that, to be honest, feel a little outdated these days.


The first thing you will need to be on the lookout for is the free spins round; mainly because this will give you a chance to win the in game bonus of 250,000 coins. To get into the game you need to collect at least three of the Sea Dragons, which also have Free Spins quite boldly splattered on them. Three of these symbols will get you into the game and provide you with 10 free spins to start. Four will get you 20 free spins and 5 will get you 30 free spins. Each round also comes with a multiplier of three and additional free spins can be earned within this round by collecting more of the same symbols.

The Atlantis Treasure feature is actually one we haven’t seen before in any mobile slot, so kudos for this little beauty! What happens is that when you land on any winning payline, the compass situated at the top of the slot will spin and land on north, south, east or west. Depending on the direction, your reels will shift one in that manner and if you manage to pick up any additional winnings lines, this will be added to your total winnings. This feature will actually continue to work until no more winning lines can be found.

Finally we must add that the jackpot, that we mentioned earlier of 250,000 coins can be won either in the free spins round or from just a standard spin. You need to look out for the Atlantis Treasure logo for this one and by racking up 5 of a kind, the jackpot will be yours!